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QuestionsWhich enclosure is best to withstand outdoor environmental conditions and mechanical stress?
Nelson Mackay asked 2 years ago
1 Answers
Chris Lloyd Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Nelson,

The conditions described require a robust enclosure that can protect the electrical equipment within from a number of weather conditions. In particular, it should withstand UV radiation, high and low temperatures as well as moisture. When it comes to mechanical stress, the ideal solution for your application should offer a top impact protection (IK) rating.

According to EN 62262 and IEC 62262, which describe the characteristics of IK00 (no protection) to the highest IK10 level, the tested enclosure must withstand five hits at specified impact energies (in joules) and from specified attack angles. For additional information on IK impact testing, please read: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/customising/testing-laboratory/ul/ik-impact-test/

Spelsberg’s GEOS range of enclosures is ideal to address the need for advanced weather-proof and impact-resistant outdoor enclosures. This solution can withstand sun radiations, wind, rain and other precipitations. The GEOS series can tolerate extreme temperatures between -35°C and 40°C, as well as corrosion and chemicals. Finally, it offers IK09 impact strength.

To learn more about the GEOS range, please visit: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/geos-industrial-and-outdoor-enclosures/
If you have additional questions on our rugged outdoor enclosures with high IK ratings or specific requests for your intended application, please feel free to send me a private message to discuss them.