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QuestionsCategory: Questions - Amanda ShephardWhat’s the difference between Spelsberg enclosures and cheaper alternatives from China?
positivelynorth asked 4 years ago

I’m looking at an enclosure from China at the moment. it’s a little cheaper than a Spelsberg product though.
Can you advise what the difference is please?
Dave North.

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Amanda Shephard Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your question.
Electrical enclosures are tasked with the job of protecting your electrical connections and components from the outside elements. Depending on the application and environment this can include water and dust ingress, temperature fluctuations, collisions and impacts, corrosive atmospheres, explosive environments, exposure to chemicals and even deliberate sabotage.
The fundamental difference between Spelsberg enclosures and the cheaper alternatives that are available is that Spelsberg products have been manufactured using the latest techniques and from the best quality materials. They have also been tested extensively, to all relevant EU and industrial standards, to ensure that they offer suitable levels of protection.
For example, all Spelsberg non-metallic enclosures are halogen free in accordance with RoHS regulations and the WEEE directive. It has been shown that some ‘budget’ enclosures entering the market to not meet the same standards.
Spelsberg offers solutions ranging from entry level, Polystyrene junction boxes through to fully customised, GRP enclosures. At each price point we are able to compare are our products to alternatives on the market and offer either distinct performance improvements or extremely competitive costing.
You can read about our manufacturing and testing here.
To find out more about the in-house manufacturing investment made by Spelsberg each year or to get more information on a specific product, drop me an email.