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QuestionsWhat should I look for in air ventilation systems for enclosures?
Peter Smith asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Chris Lloyd Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Peter,

Proper air circulation is extremely important to protect electrical equipment within enclosures, especially as many devices can generate significant levels of heat. In these cases, solutions that use vents or air exchange devices can prevent overheating, condensation and high internal pressures.
I would tend to recommend solutions where the vents/air exchange ports are diagonally aligned and located at the back of the enclosure: near the top and the bottom of the structure, but not on the top, bottom or side walls of the enclosure. In this way it is possible to optimise the airflow without affecting the enclosure’s ingress protection (IP) rating.
Spelsberg’s AK Air distribution boards address these specific needs. They offer an integrated IP65 ventilation system, which we developed to prevent condensate. The system is equipped with two, diagonally aligned BEL Air devices.  These air exchange devices are comprised of a circular frame with an external cover, containing a filter and a labyrinth structure that separates water droplets from the gas phase.
Located on the back walls of AK Air enclosures, near the top and the bottom of the structure, the BEL Air devices allow the air from the enclosure to mix constantly with the air from the outside environment. Also, they transport humidity away from the electrical equipment.
To learn mor about Spelsberg’s AK Air range of distribution boards, please visit: https://www.spelsberg.com/small-distribution-boards/ak-air-distributor-14-70te/.
For additional information on BEL Air accessory, use our product finder tool: https://www.spelsberg.com/gti-iso-switchgears/accessories/26344001/
If you have additional questions about ventilation systems or specific air circulation requirements for your intended application, please feel free to send me a private message to discuss them.