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QuestionsCategory: Questions - Amanda ShephardWhat is the best way to combat condensation?
Steve_Bocks asked 4 years ago

Hi there,
Could you tell me the best way to combat condensation please?

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Amanda Shephard Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Steve,
Condensation can be a real nightmare when installing electrical enclosures in any environment where temperatures fluctuate and there is moisture in the air. As the temperature differential between inside and outside the enclosure increases, the pressure change will draw air into the enclosure and condensation will then occur. This can be catastrophic for the connection that is housed within.
Ironically, this is a bigger problem for enclosures with high IP ratings, as temperature differential is likely to be higher so the draw through of moisture-rich air will be greater.
Fortunately, it’s quite simple to avoid condensation in your enclosure so long as you work the solutions into your initial specification and installation process.
Firstly, only specify the IP rating that you need. You will save yourself a lot of bother (as well as expense) by specifying an IP54 enclosure rather than an IP68 solution if the installation will be made somewhere with fair protection from the elements.
Secondly, think about your cable entry points as these are the weak point in your enclosure’s defences. Speak to an expert (I can help you here) to check that the connectors you are using are up to the job and that your entry holes are located in the best positions.
Thirdly, specify an enclosure with a ventilation system (or customise enclosures with an aftermarket solution) if you know that the installation will particularly prone to condensation.
Spelsberg offers a range distribution boxes (the AK Air) that has ventilation built in, here is the brochure
Watch a video to learn more about combating condensation here.
I hope this was useful. Please get in touch if you have specific installation questions about your application.