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QuestionsCategory: Questions - Chris LloydWhat are the operating temperatures for your enclosures?
Dave_Droner78 asked 3 years ago

Hello Enclosure Answers,
Could you tell me what the operating temperatures of your enclosures are please?

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Chris Lloyd Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello David,
Thank you for the question.
It is very important to understand the properties of the equipment you are installing and how they will handle the local environment. For the majority of cases, the ambient temperatures will not affect the performance of a good quality enclosure, but the fact that you have asked this question probably means you are looking at a more specialist application.
There are four main plastic materials as well as three metals used in the manufacture of electrical enclosures and the properties of each one will determine the most appropriate choice.
Polystyrene enclosures offer a cost effective solution capable of operating between -25°C and 40°C. This temperature range also applies to ABS enclosures.
For situations that need a higher maximum temperature, polyester, or glass reinforced polyester (GRP) enclosures can withstand ambient temperatures up to 60°C. These products also offer excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.
For the widest range of operational temperatures, polycarbonate enclosures can be used in ambient temperatures between -35°C and 80°C. This premium material offers excellent resistance to impact as well as chemicals and corrosion.
If your requirements are not satisfied by a plastic enclosure, aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel should meet the demands of your application. Again, the temperature range for these is similar to polycarbonate with a minimum around -35°C and a maximum of approximately 75°C.
It is important to remember that many aspects of an application need to be considered when selecting an enclosure, including ingress protection rating, the surrounding environment and any pertinent standards or certifications.
Once you have identified the most suitable material, you can use the product finder on the Spelsberg website to filter by material type and make your selection process easier.
Further information on material choices can be found here.