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Gadget_Man asked 5 years ago

What temperature can a TK enclosure withstand if you have a transformer constantly running within it?
Jim B

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Chris Lloyd Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Jim,
Thank you for the question.
A transformer constantly running can generate a high amount of heat, that can damage both the device and its enclosure. Therefore, it is important to avoid any excessive heat and consider what temperatures can the two devices withstand.
Spelsberg’s industrial enclosures belonging to the TK series have different temperature resistance properties, depending on whether they are made of aluminium (TK AL), polycarbonate (TK PC) or polystyrene (TK PS) and whether they are provided as empty enclosures or with fittings.
While TK PS enclosures, either empty or with fittings, can withstand up to -25°C (min.) and 40°C (max.), they cannot withstand more than 35°C as average ambient temperature over 24 hours.
Empty TK PC and TK AL can resist to higher temperatures: they are both suitable for average ambient temperatures of 60°C. Min. and max. temperatures tolerated are -35°C and 80°C, -35°C and 75°C respectively.
However, when TK PC and AL enclosures are equipped with fittings their temperature resistance decreases: they can withstand up to -25°C (min.), 40°C (max.) and an average of 35°C.
If you have specific questions about enclosures for transformers in a project that you’re working on, please feel free to send Spelsberg a message to discuss the specific requirements for your intended application. We will help to identify the best enclosure for your needs.
As a leading enclosures supplier and manufacturer, Spelsberg is able to customise and supply specialist solutions that meet the specific requirements of your transformer, if your requirements are not satisfied by any of the enclosures available.
For further information on the TK series visit: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/nc/highlights/industriegehaeuse/
To find the product that best match with your application, use our product finder tool: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/product-finder/