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Jack Mainberg asked 5 years ago

My enclosure will be installed outside. I know I need IP68, but what’s the best material to go for?

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Amanda Shephard Staff answered 5 years ago

Material choice is critical when installing an enclosure outside, and is actually dependent on a few other factors. But before we get to that, let’s address the issue ingress protection. It’s a common belief that IP68 is required for outdoor applications, but really that level of protection is only required if the enclosure is likely to be fully submerged in water or buried underground.
Depending on the precise location of the enclosure IP64 may actually be suitable, certainly most applications require no more than IP66. Take a look at our Ingress Protection Techniques video to get a better idea on IP rating.
As for material, you want to make sure that it is UV resistant first of all. Typically we would advise that Polycarbonate is the best solutions for the majority of applications. Of course GRP and stainless steel or aluminium are also options, but these would usually be reserved for applications that require extreme levels of protection against collisions.
It’s also worth thinking about the design requirements when choosing material. If you’re likely to want to customise the enclosure to have specific entry points then you’ll definitely want to specify plastic over metal.
Have you developed a technical drawing for your application yet? Spelsberg has a wide range of standard products which are suited for outdoor use, but we are also able to offer design and customisation services which can help you guarantee reliable and efficient performance.
If you would like more advice on material specification or support in designing your solution please give me a call or send me an email.