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QuestionsCategory: Questions - Chris LloydOutdoor enclosure exposed to heat/cold and sunlight
TimSpark74 asked 5 years ago

What is the best way to avoid damaging an outdoor enclosure that is in direct sunlight and constantly changing temperatures?

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Chris Lloyd Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Tim,
Thanks for your question!
Variable environmental conditions caused by alternating hot and cold weather extremes can take a toll on outdoor electrical enclosures and the equipment they are protecting. Therefore, it is important to select a suitable protected location for the installation (if possible) and an enclosure that can withstand the temperature extremes and other conditions specific for your intended application.
Polycarbonate (PC) enclosures offer the greatest performance level for the conditions you described, due to a number of reasons.
First, in external installations, plastic enclosures should be preferred over metal counterparts, as they cannot dent, corrode and rust.
Secondly, in case of direct sunlight exposure, PC enclosures offer optimum UV protection, minimising discolouration and fading, as well as resistance to elevated temperatures. For example, Spelsberg TK PC enclosures are suitable for average ambient temperatures of up to 60°C.
Thirdly, consider incorporating a pressure compensation device into the enclosure, this will help reduce the formation of condensation within the enclosure.
Finally, PC is also the go-to choice for environments characterised by high temperature changes, therefore lowering the risk of surface cracking that can nullify the enclosure IP ratings. Once again, the TK PC range can tolerate extreme temperatures between -35°C and 80°C.
Not all polycarbonate-based solutions are the same, their performances can still vary greatly. Spelsberg products are manufactured using the latest techniques and using the best quality materials. They are tested extensively according to different national and international standards, in order to ensure that they offer suitable levels of protection.
If you want to have a look at the Spelsberg range of PC enclosures, you can use our product finder to filter by material type.
As a leading enclosures supplier and manufacturer, Spelsberg is also able to customise and supply specialist solutions that meet the specific requirements, for example by applying special surface coatings to maximise the enclosure service life.
If you’d like more specific information about Spelsberg offering, please feel free to send me a private message.