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QuestionsCategory: Questions - Chris LloydMounting on round poles?
SpannerWorks87 asked 3 years ago

It is possible to mount Spelsberg enclosures onto round poles?

1 Answers
Chris Lloyd Staff answered 3 years ago

Electrical enclosures are often designed with built in mounting points positioned outside their sealed area to enable the structure to be attached directly to flat walls or similar surfaces. However, there may be situations where enclosures need to be mounted onto irregular fixings, such as round poles. To set up a robust assembly, it is important to use solutions that fit well with the surface’s perimeter of your intended application.
To support the installation of our industrial and outdoor enclosures onto round poles, Spelsberg offers a mast clamp set, known as MSS, in conjunction with SRS screw clamp set. While the SRS metal band is fastened to the pole, the MSS easily attaches to the rear of the enclosure. The setup can also be coupled with design plates as rear covers for additional protection. By choosing this kit, users can reduce installation time and secure the enclosure against twisting once installed.
The solution can fit enclosures of different sizes as well as poles with diameters ranging from 60 to 210 mm, offering maximum flexibility. In addition, the galvanised and stainless steel used for the sets delivers advanced corrosion protection, offering durability and long equipment’s service life.
For further information on Spelsberg’s GEOS-MSS and RSR, please visit: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/outdoor-enclosure/accessories/external-mounting-2/
To learn more about the GEOS series of electrical enclosures, please visit: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/geos-industrial-and-outdoor-enclosures/ 
If you have additional questions or mounting requirements for your enclosures, please feel free to send me a private message to discuss them.