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aref23tdaref asked 6 years ago

How many branch circuits are allowed in an LV panel?

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Chris Lloyd Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello Aref,
The most recent regulations do not specify the maximum number of branch circuits allowed in panelboards or distribution boards
In the U.S., this limit is specified by the manufacturer and the information can be found in the data plate fine print, located on the inside of the enclosure door. In fact, the National Electrical Code (NEC) 2008 edition no longer sets a maximum number of overcurrent protective devices (OCPDs) that could be contained in a branch circuit panel. Therefore, it is possible to connect as many circuits as possible, as long as the maximum amperage per stab is not exceeded.
This differs from pre-2008 NEC regulations. These distinguished between lighting and appliance panelboards, where the maximum number of OCPDs was set to 42, and power panelboards, where more than 42 devices were allowed.
British standards slightly differ. More precisely, BS7671:2008 does not state a maximum number of sockets-outlets that a ring or radial circuit can serve, similarly to the NEC guidelines. However, it is important not to exceed the nominal rating of the OCPDs. As a result, while the number of BS1363-compliant socket-outlets shall be such that every portable luminaire and appliance can be fed from a conveniently accessible socket outlet, the floor area covered by a circuit is limited.
For example, a ring circuit protected by 30 to 32 ampere OCPDs and wired in 2.5 mm2 cables can have an unlimited number of socket outlets as long as the floor area served is not larger than 100 m2.
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