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MurrayJ asked 3 years ago

Can I fasten an enclosure to a wall directly without affecting its IP rating?

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Amanda Shephard Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Murray,
Thank you for your question.
Fastening an enclosure to a wall directly may affect its ingress protection (IP) rating if the wall or base of the unit is compromised. Therefore, if protection against dust and moisture is essential for the enclosure and its application, it is important to find a suitable fixing method that will not compromise the IP performance.
There are three main ways to securely attach an enclosure to the wall while maintaining the IP rating. IP-protected enclosures can be fastened by means of mounting plates, external feet or internal fixing positions.
More precisely, it is possible to fit a mounting plate onto the wall before installing the enclosure. In this way, dust and water protections are maintained. Mountings incorporated into the enclosure structure are also available. These can be external, which completely separate the fixing positions from the body of the enclosure. Otherwise, the mounting points can be internal, within the enclosure, but isolated from the wiring using grommets supplied with the enlcosure.
In the latter case, Spelsberg design offers cover screws that ensure maximum adherence to the enclosure, even when the device is mounted on slanted surfaces, further ensuring maximum IP performance.
If you have specific questions about enclosure mountings for a project that you’re working on please feel free to send me a private message and I will help to identify the best enclosure for your needs.
For more information on IP ratings in different electrical enclosures visit https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/news/news-press/detail/understanding-ingress-protection-techniques-in-electrical-enclosures/cHash/5c907835ef162fa111652d9395a0df39/