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Franck PERROT asked 4 years ago

Good morning,

Could you please let me know if you have any certification for railway application and more especially regarding Fire & smoke protection (EN 45545)?
Thanks in advance

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Chris Lloyd Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Franck,
Thank you for the question. As EN45545 will soon be mandatory across Europe this is something that Spelsberg has been taking a keen interest in. We have several customers across Europe in the Rail Industry and we provide customised solutions for a range of applications.
As it stands, we have a standard range of junction boxes that have been designed to provide function guarantee for a set period of time in the case of fire. The WKE range is currently tested to the existing EN 60670 standard.
Because we want to provide security and peace-of-mind for all our Rail Industry partners as we head into 2018, Spelsberg is currently working of a strategic project we’ve called “Rolling Stock”. This project tackles the new standard in two ways:

  1. We are in the process of developing and testing a new range of standard enclosures which will be designed specifically to the requirements of EN45545. We have already developed and tested new materials and we expect to have details on this range soon.
  2. Spelsberg specialises in working with customers to create customised solutions to suit many bespoke industrial environments. We will be using this expertise to work with customer and test authorities to customise and adapt existing enclosures where suitable. This is possible thanks to our in-house VDE and UL certified test centre that allows us to offer fast turnaround on bespoke work.

If you’d like to discuss our experience in the rail industry in more detail and learn more about the progress of the Rolling Stock project, please email me directly on cll@spelsberg.co.uk.