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QuestionsDo you have a product range that is suitable for a concrete installation?
Zara Miles asked 1 year ago
1 Answers
Chris Lloyd Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Zara,

Many buildings require the encasing of electrical wires and enclosures in concrete slabs, as this option can lead to shorter construction time while also fast-tracking electrical installation and wiring activities. Reliability of the equipment and positional stability are the two major aspects that should be ensured in such projects.

Our IBT range is ideal to address the needs of electrical installations in pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete, as it has been specifically developed for such applications. Also, it has been tried and tested over many construction projects. The IBT solutions, available in different sizes and shapes, offer a robust and highly stable design that ensure optimal performance, both when concrete is wet and dry.

To learn more about the functionalities and features of our IBT range, visit: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/solutions/concrete-construction/overview/

Our technology prevents crushing of the enclosure under the weight of the concrete, as well as any stressing or failure as the building settles over time. The IBT products also leverage a patented diaphragm sealing system to prevent displacement or infiltration within the structure when concrete is being poured. In addition, mounting is conducted by using a highly secure, patented support spar, and can be used with both vertical and horizontal formwork, supporting quick and easy installations.

To look at our full IBT product portfolio of housing for pre-cast concrete applications, visit: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/solutions/concrete-construction/products/ibt-system/

If you have any additional requirements for your construction project, please feel free to send me a private message. I’d be happy to discuss with you the specific needs that your enclosure needs to meet.

Kind regards,