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QuestionsCategory: Questions - Chris LloydCan my enclosure have partition walls?
Jack Burns asked 3 years ago

Can you add partition wall to your enclosure? 

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Chris Lloyd Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Jack,
Partition walls are extremely useful to divide the space available within an electrical enclosure into separate functional zones or to provide additional insulation to particular circuits. Also, partition walls can contribute to delivering flexibility and versatility, as they can be moved or fully removed to meet the requirements of applications that have been modified or upgraded.
When specifying these structures, it is important to find one that fits within the enclosure and made of suitable materials for the intended application. In addition, dividers may require special function to address specific requirements, such as the need for pre-embossed solutions to accommodate for cable bushings.
Spelsberg offers a wide range of partition walls with holders that complement our enclosure portfolio to divide the interior of enclosures lengthwise or crosswise. Key examples include our plastic dividers for AK, GEOS and TK series. These are extremely easy and quick to mount and disassemble. For instance, anyone interested in the GEOS range of industrial and outdoor enclosures can benefit from slide-in solutions.
You can use our online product finder to identify which partition wall and enclosure are best for your intended application: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/product-finder/
In addition, as a leading enclosures supplier and manufacturer, we are able to develop and produce customised products that can address your specific enclosure and partition wall needs. You can read more about our capabilities here: https://www.spelsberg.com/customizing/customised-product-development/customised-product-development/
If you have additional questions or requirements about our enclosures and their partition walls, please feel free to send me a private message to discuss them.