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QuestionsCan I divide the area within a junction box to separate equipment with different voltages, circuits or current sources?
Mike Furnival asked 11 months ago
1 Answers
Chris Lloyd Staff answered 11 months ago

Dear Mike,

The short answer to this question is: yes. You can use partitions or divider panels to define multiple individual functional zones within your electrical enclosure. To create successful arrangements, it is important to specify both the box and the partition walls correctly.

Firstly, you should consider the dimensions of the electrical equipment that should be contained and the room available. Based on these elements, you can determine the size of the enclosure as well as how it should be divided. This, in turn, will help you set the required length and width of your divider(s).

Secondly, identifying the most suitable materials for the enclosure and its partition panel(s) to support your intended application is key. For example, if you need to ensure proper insulation for protection against harsh environmental conditions, you may want to consider our GEOS range of rugged, slide-in solutions.

Thirdly, you should take into account if your divider wall(s) should offer any special capability or support key functions. These could consist of ensuring the solutions are pre-embossed to accommodate for cable bushings, or offering suitable levels of protection, preventing interferences if low voltage and power devices are within the same enclosure.

At Spelsberg, our enclosure portfolio is complemented by a wide range of plastic partition walls as well as suitable holders. These can be used to divide the interior of enclosures lengthwise or crosswise, and are designed to be extremely easy and quick to mount and disassemble. As a result, our components are also ideal to support retrospective installations and modifications to existing systems.

You can use our online product finder to identify which partition panel is best suited to support your intended application: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/product-finder/?query=partition

If you need a custom solution to address your needs, as a leading enclosures supplier and manufacturer, we are able to assist you. Thanks to our full product moulding, manufacturing and customisation facilities we can meet your individual demands, delivering high quality bespoke enclosure solutions on extremely quick lead times. You can read more about our capabilities here: https://www.spelsberg.com/customizing/complete-array-of-expertise/

If you need further assistance in the identification of the right enclosure or partition for your specific project, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our experts will be happy to guide and assist you in the process.

Kind regards,