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Smythe_Services asked 5 years ago

What are the best enclosure solutions for precast concrete construction projects?

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Chris Lloyd Staff answered 5 years ago

In order to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency, a number of aspects need to be considered and accounted for when choosing electrical housings for precast concrete constructions. Firstly, the enclosures have to be resistant to leakage, in order to prevent any concrete from entering the structure during pouring. Secondly, the structures should remain in a fixed position without moving. Strength and stability are also essential, so as to not compromise the integrity of the building. Finally, the electrical enclosures should be easy to install.
Currently, the only electrical housing solution specifically designed for use in precast concrete applications belong to  Spelsberg’s IBT series The offering includes universal boxes, junction boxes, installation boxes, wall and ceiling transfers, special boxes and accessories such as sealing plugs, caps, blank bases, punch tools, cleats and support bars.
Thanks to its design, the IBT range is suitable for both prefabricated, precast concrete panels and cast-in-place concrete. The enclosures are fixed to metal or wooden formwork using magnets, epoxy or nails, and the required conduits are connected before pouring the concrete. When this is set, the formwork is taken off and the face of the IBT housing is visible. As a result, on-site engineers can easily remove or drill through the face of the housing to gain access for cabling.
In this way, the solution from Spelsberg protects its interior from penetration of concrete and provides security of positioning, ease of assembly, simplicity of use on-site and a high-quality aesthetical finish. Also, it ensures strength and stability comparable to the concrete installation’s.
For additional information on Spelsberg’s IBT enclosures, visit: https://www.spelsberg.co.uk/solutions/concrete-construction/overview/
If you have specific requirements for your intended precast concrete construction project, please feel free to send me a private message to discuss the solution that best fits your needs.