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QuestionsCategory: Questions - Amanda ShephardAre the enclosures available in other colours?
TomW asked 4 years ago

Are your enclosures available in black or any other colours?

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Amanda Shephard Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Tom,
For the majority of our customers the primary focus for an electrical enclosure is functional: size, strength, ingress protection, price etc. This is why, like all manufacturers, our standard range comes in a single colour.
Of course, if an enclosure will be installed in plain sight, it isn’t uncommon for the question of aesthetics to come into play. Fortunately, Spelsberg has invested heavily in its manufacturing capabilities, which gives it an incredible amount of flexibility when customer orders are placed.
We can produce almost any enclosure from our standard range in black – or any other colour that might be needed.  For a recent example of just such a service, have a look here.
If you’d like more specific information about Spelsberg’s special order capabilities then please feel free to drop me an email to ash@spelsberg.co.uk